Spark Arrester for 4" Flue pipe

Spark Arrester for 4" Flue pipe
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  • Item #: Spark Arrester July 2016
Condition: New - In original box
Seller Notes: They do NOT have any rust, dents or damage
Brand: Military Spec
Country of Manufacture USA 12/86
Seller Description:
Military Tent, Spark Arrestor for Model M1941
4" flue pipe spark arrestor
NOS , (new old stock) ,
NIB , (new in original box)
will connect to standard 4" vent /flue pipe

Has position placement instruction , on attached plate for its placement on the H45 military stove. If purchased for other than this unit, we would check in with manufacturer for recommended placement. 
Shipping available for an additional cost. Call for details. 
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