45,000 BTU Military Multi Fuel Tent/Shelter Heater/Stove NOS

45,000 BTU Multi Fuel Tent Shelter Heater Stove
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  • Item #: 45000 btu stove heater

Designed by our military for use in large tents and shelters.
Multi-fuel means that you can used diesel fuel, #2 heating oil, kerosene or J-8 jet fuel (you cannot use waste oil). It also can be adapted to use on solid fuel IE wood and coal.

* 3 Flue pipes (only 2 shown in photo) 
* Spark arrester
* All fuel flow controls, burners and parts
* NOT included - pot and frying pan

Key Features:
* Operates and starts at temperatures down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit (-50.1 degrees Celsius)
* Non-powered vented heat
* Multi-fuel, high effective burner
* Lightweight, man portable
* Field proven
* Internal component storage
* Qualified to military specifications
* Adjustable fuel input for temperature control

* 5 gallon jerry can w/new line adapter spout and tripod price range from $110 to $150. for unpainted or new paint on jerry can
* Additional flue pipe available at $5. each

5 Gal jerry can and stand will be available by the end of October 2016.
Product is as is condition. NO Returns. 
*** We strongly recommend that buyer check all applicable local codes. ***

Buyer picks up at our shop in Deer Park, New York or crating and freight charges are at buyers expense. 

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